Welcome to a different way of telling your story. A simpler way. Through the lens of a Storyteller.

But not just any storyteller, I’m an award-winning documentarian who used to own a website production agency, has a 20 year career as a commercial photographer and producer and loves to teach.

You just hit the jackpot, fellow business buddy! I don’t just make images, I create an entire package of content to support who you are and what you do! And I can show you how all the branding+marketing parts work too.

Here’s how Your Biz Story works. You hire me to share a couple hours with you-- doing your thing. Your special sauce. Your jam. Your reason for leaping out of the bed each morning and leaving your fabulous mark on the world.

I document. In images, basic video and audio. I shoot you in your environment- unscripted and au-natural. We snag those essential shots that tell your story. We let moments and actions unfold and I translate it all-- into visual content.

Then, a few days later, your images are ready for your website-- and beyond. I have The Base story package to keep things simple and then you can choose your add-ons once your content is ready.

So, let’s start the conversation. Please fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch asap. I’m normally based in the Low Country of South Carolina if the weather is nice, but I work and travel across the globe, so don’t let location stop you! We can discuss travel expenses and how to offset that expense as well!

I’m ready to tell your story, in all its beautiful simplicity. Let’s talk.

Our Journey Together Starts At The Base

The Base Package

Our work together is unscripted and organic. We'll start with a conversation and a brief project scope. We'll discuss your needs, your vision and our shoot! After our initial conversation, you'll receive an invoice for 50%, a basic contract and a calendar link to choose your big day!  

On your big day, it's pretty simple. I come to your location and document you and your team doing what you do best-- your passion work! That's it. I'll spend about two hours in your work space gathering your story content. Your remaining balance is due on or before the day of your shoot. You can pay via digital invoice or in person with Square.

About 7-14 days after your shoot, you'll receive a private online gallery to select your images and I'll send your background b-roll video as well.

At that time, you can order your add-ons. Easy-peasy-- right? 

Investment: $750



  • Two hours of documentary shooting of you and your staff doing your special jam. This includes basic head-shots and natural action images.
  • 10 Images with unlimited licensing for web and social media use. (Additional options listed below)
  • 2 15-20 second clips of unedited background video footage for your website-- similar to still images but with motion (no audio).


The Add-Ons

Every story is different, so I've designed a multitude of options to help support your brand narrative. I've designed these add-ons to support your website, social media and print content needs and shoot my images and video content with the website as the main portal of delivery to your target market.



  • $250 Per Additional Shooting Hour (Beyond The Base- We'll Chat About This First)
  • $55 Per Additional Image Licensed for Website/Social Media Use
  • $95 Per Image Licensed for Print
  • $1500 for Entire Gallery, Unlimited Web, Social and Print
  • $1500 30-60 Second Edited About Video Using Audio Interview Track, Royalty Free Music, B-Roll and Still Images
  • $3500 3-4 Minute, Non-Linear Storytelling Video Including Still Images, Video and Audio Interview As Well As Your Environmental Audio and Royalty Free Music. (**Please let me know if this is a consideration before we shoot so more content can be gathered** ) 


  • $150 Raw Transcripts From Our Shoot Day Interview (Can be used for website copy, blog posts, print collateral, etc). 
  • $750 Edited Transcripts Ready For Website Publishing



  • $450 Social Media Cards for Blog Posts, Instagram and Facebook. 15 Cards From Selected Designs Using Images From Your Shoot. Client Must Provide Copy/Logo.



  • $250 On-Site Website Consult Before/After Your Shoot
  • $197 Educational Portal for Building Your Own Website and Branding
  • $1500 Basic 5-Page Squarespace Website Using Your Images, Video and Copy. (Limited availability, please ask in advance) 


Let's Talk...(Or Scroll Down to See My Work)


A Side Note on Video Production...

Please check the add-ons listed above before we get your project in the works. If you know for a fact you want some of the more in-depth story elements-- like robust videos-- it helps to know ahead of time so I can gather goodies with that in mind.

If you need a more robust video production, 3-7 minutes of intricate storytelling with specific messaging, media buys and audience conversions, I’ve got you covered. But production on that scope is a different conversation. I’ll bring in my award-winning crew, based in Chapel Hill, N.C. and we’ll tell your story in full documentary production mode. That conversation starts at $15K, so be sure you know exactly who, what and WHY you’re ready to make that juicy investment. My past clientele in this style include Whole Foods, Nissan, Special Olympics and many more. I’ve also run production crews for regional and national television spots.  



Paradox Pastry Bakery & Cafe and The Bagel Bar 

This is the story of a beautiful bakery in Charlottesville, VA. I began working with Jenny, the owner of Paradox Pastry in 2012 as a photographer, website producer and social media consultant when she was first launching her bakery. Several years later, I visited the ladies again for a website redesign. 

The Bagel Bar is a local bagel shop in Chapel Hill, NC that bakes the most delicious bagel goodness from scratch every morning. The old fashioned way. Photographing their special sauce was a delicious treat! 


Functional Medicine in Virginia -- Chronic Care of Richmond & Brain and Body Health Center


My web production agency, A Simpler Story LLC, was built in service to functional medicine doctors and chiropractors specializing in chronic care across the country. I've worked with both of these Virginia based doctors for years and I've also worked in an ongoing, long-term retainer capacity for BBHC for all things digital marketing, branding and online business building. 


Yoga Simpatico & Long Bay Symphony

Yoga Simpatico's owner, Maura Utley, needed a new website for her budding private yoga practice, so we ventured out to the beach to create some original artwork before I built her site.

For several years, I did pro bono work for The Long Bay Symphony located in Myrtle Beach, SC. I did both concept and execution on this shoot and also produced multiple television spots from other campaigns in conjunction with C.A.S.E. Solutions. 


Pro Bono Work with Raleigh's Boys & Girls Club and Haven House

I had the honor of documenting both Haven House and the Raleigh's Boys and Girls Club. I do pro bono work as often as possible, particularly for organizations addressing issues surrounding urban crime and poverty which is a central focus of my domestic documentary work. 


Portrait Work & Outtakes From Whole Foods, Nissan and Commercial Projects


Past Clients Include...

Whole Foods Market
Still & Multimedia Production

Oregon Public Broadcasting
Production Stills

Special Olympics
Co-Producer & Visual Storyteller

Nissan North America
Internal Documentary Production

Sungro Horticulture
Director & Producer

Visual Storytelling & Television Production

Pizza Hut/The Branching
Line Producer 

Allen & Allen Law/TFS
Agency Producer

Long Bay Symphony
Photography & Television Production


Junior Achievement/World Bank
Audio & Video Producer

Photography & Agency Producer

Better Med Urgent Care
Commercial Photography & Comms Consultation


Are you ready? I am. let's start the conversation!