Your business has a story. It's intense. Passionate. Powerful. 

Our lives are made beautiful by the tiny slivers of moments that make us human-- and our businesses are no different. Whether you're at the beginning of your biz journey or you've been crushing it for years-- your story is a beautiful one. But does your branding and website reflect your beauty? 

Here's the thing, how do you translate all the simple nuances and human fabrics that encompass your story into powerful visuals that support your brand narrative? Do you hire the local guy with a "big camera" and roll the dice? Do you hire the fancy studio photographer with all the lights and gear to recreate your truth?

Or do you hire a professional, award-winning photojournalist with 2+ decades of experience to simply document all that you are and celebrate your story in images and motion? I'm guessing you're going for that last option, right?

Sweet-- then let's To it. 


Over 20 Years of Documentary Storytelling


For the past 2 decades, I've traveled the world seeking stories. On assignments, grants, vacations and walk-abouts-- I've carried cameras to the farthest corners of the world. I've documented post-conflict communities in Nepal and quiet couples strolling under the Eiffel Tower. On film, digital and mobile, I strive to translate the human condition as I see it and I bring this vision into your world.

For my professional stories, I also bring many years of web and TV production to all of my shoots. I've built websites for small businesses, worked as a digital marketing consultant and helped large companies harness the power of video and commercials to tell their story.


Our journey together starts with a conversation. Simply fill this out and I'll reach out to you asap!