The story of the everyday. The simple. The mundane. The beautiful. 

We walk a path everyday. Some paths are well worn. Some paths wrap around us like a warm blanket from our childhood-- providing protection and comfort. Some paths are rocky as fuck, with sheer drops on every side...and all you can do is focus on placing one foot in front of the other to get to safer ground. 

In a world of abundant information, hatred traveling the globe on the wings of a tweet and murky paths for all of us, we need to slow it down. Open our eyes. Take a second look at what’s right in front of us. 

And by We, I mean Me. 

I am overwhelmed by the ins and outs of being me. Running a business, making a living, holding onto my art enough to actually make art, making sure my limiting beliefs are at bay and keeping my finger on the pulse of a world that is dangerously close to a stroke. 

And I’m guessing, you’re probably right there with me. If my instincts are right, and I’m pretty fucking intuitive, you’re reading this because you’re also seeking to slow down. To breathe. To remember why we’re fighting so hard to live in this world in the first place. And why we’re fighting so hard to save it.  

So, my mission here is simple. I’m creating stories. And I’m sharing stories. Just you and I. On this journey together, through this one life that we’re struggling to be with and to be better within. 

I can’t promise you much, but I can promise you truth. My truth. Seen through my lens. 

My translation of the human condition, in the mundane, the simple, the terrifying and the heart-wrenching. All of it. I’ll share it all with you. If you’ll join me. 

The Stories...