Group Playdates

We offer Group Playdates for mommies and babies as a way for moms to gather, socialize, let their little ones "play"-- allowing us to photograph the quiet moments of friends gathering. We've set these up as group sessions so moms can have natural, un-posed photos while also meeting with friends and sharing the cost of the photo session. The Group Session fee is a flat rate no matter how many moms attend (up to 5) and the moms may split the cost of the session fee.

It all start with the Host Mom. Essentially, she's the contact person between the studio and the moms UNTIL after the shoot. After that, each mom works directly with the studio to place their print or digital image orders. The print ordering process is completely digital and super easy! 'Cause we know our new moms are a little busy! 

Here's how it works:

  • The Host Mom steps up and says, Yes, let's do this! 
  • The Host Mom pays the deposit, selects the date and communicates with us on the details. 
  • She (You?) gathers up to 5 of her friends with babies and invites them over for a playdate on her chosen date. The number of invites (up to 5 moms+babies) is up to the Host. If it's just you and your bestie-- that's totally fine! 
  • The Host Mom pays the final invoice before the shoot date (sent by email). She's then responsible for collecting the payments from the other moms to reimburse her.  
  • Everyone meets at the Host Mom's house and the festivities begin- this is up to a 3 hour shoot. This leaves plenty of time for early or late moms, diaper changes, feedings and other motherhood necessities. 
  • At the Group Playdate, the photographer will pass around an iPad with special invite information for everyone participating. 
  • Once the shoot is edited (approximately 10-14 days) the images will be placed in a private online gallery and everyone will have access to order prints. Each mom will work directly with the studio at that point.

Since, for the most part, we're working with babies here, "playing" may be an overstatement. But we'll still have plenty of time and moments to capture those little nuances of newborns. Toddlers are also welcome, but that final decision is up to the Host Mom. Toddlers may be too much for her home or the location may not be toddler proofed just yet, so please ask your Host Mom if toddlers are welcome. 

Here's how a Host Mom can book your Group Playdate...

  • Just click the button below and click the Group Playdate Deposit option.
  • Make your deposit ($100) and fill out the quick form attached to the checkout cart.
  • Our studio will email you within 24 hours and send you a link to select your date. We have a limited number of slots open, so please book early if you have a special day/time in mind.
  • We'll also send you some quickie paperwork for your shoot. 
  • About 24-48 hours before your shoot, we'll send you an invoice for the remaining amount ($350) and that needs to be paid by the day of the shoot. We can also take payment at the shoot, but it's one more thing for the Host Mom to mess with, so we prefer to have it all squared away before hand. 
  • Then, we make some art! 

**If the Host Mom needs to cancel or reschedule, please give us at least 48 hours notice. We know life with infants is unpredictable, but we do need some advanced notice so we can plan accordingly. We will refund your deposit if you notify within 48 hours and are not able to reschedule. 



An Evening Ritual

Our Evening Ritual Sessions are pretty simple, straightforward and beautiful. We've been blessed to be invited into homes to document the quiet evening moments for families with newborns-- and we love it. There's just something so serene about the quiet chaos of an evening with a newborn. Baths in kitchen sinks, double parental duty on feedings and diaper changes, tummy times and gently rocking the little one to sleep-- all of these moments are ones that truly happen once in a lifetime. 

It's very simple, we have a 3 hour session, from approximately 5pm- 8pm, and the artist quietly documents the moments that unfold throughout the evening. And if there's other little ones in the equation-- even better! We'll get the whole family participating in those quietly chaotic moments!

Here's how it works:

  • Click the button below and pay your deposit ($100).
  • Fill out the form delivered during your checkout process.
  • We'll contact you via email with a link to your appointment selection calendar. 
  • We'll also send you some basic paperwork for your session. 
  • Feel free to call us during this time (we'll include our number in your paperwork) with any questions.
  • Relax and keep all that parenting in motion. 
  • 48 hours before your session, we'll email you a final invoice for the remaining balance on your session. Refunds on deposits are possible up until that 48 hour window before your shoot. After 48 hours, we can only reschedule shoots, not issue deposit refunds. We're not able to give that spot to another family within a 48 hour window, so we can't issue refunds after that-- only reschedules. 
  • Our photographer, Crystal, will join your family for an evening of documentation and quiet beauty on your session date. 
  • About 10-14 days after the shoot, you'll receive an invite to your private online image gallery to order prints or digital files. 
  • You'll also receive a mobile app for your devices of your shoot. 
  • You'll have a $100 print credit and up to 30 days to order prints. 

That's it-- easy-peasy! Save your session now, we only have a few available!


An Evening At The Schmidt's Home


The Klein's Evening Ritual