Your Documentary Session


Here's the skinny. I offer these sessions in a limited capacity each year as a "pop-up studio", so there only a handful of sessions available for each pop-up. I have Mommy & Me Playdates & An Evening Ritual sessions. Each session is 3 hours of unplanned and un-posed photography at your home or a host mother's location (for Mommy & Me sessions). The session fee is $450. Please click the button below that applies to you and learn more about each session. 

Each session comes with your own mobile app for your phone to take your moments with you and a digital ordering and viewing gallery for you and your family. 

We only have 10 Evening Ritual & 5 Mommy & Me Sessions available from May 15, 2017 until June 15th. Once these sessions are booked, that's it!


Group Playdates

Group Playdates are designed to maximize time out of the house with your little ones, give mom's a social outing and allow the little ones to play freely for the best spontaneous photos. Now, if the little ones are really tiny, we'll roll out some blankets and get all the little details while they're doing their tummy times and their patty-cakes.

It's best if we cap the playdates at 5 moms+baby participants and the moms may split the session fee of $450 between themselves. The Host Mom will be responsible for payment to the studio and for providing the space. Then set a date and get to playing & creating!

Click the button below to see examples and learn more!  

An Evening Ritual

An Evening Ritual is just that, your beautiful, messy and real evening ritual with your newborn and the family. There's something magical about the quiet evening in a newborn's life. Bath time in the sink, Dad coming home from work to see the baby he's been missing all day, Mom taking a quiet moment to breathe, tummy time & bedtime. It's all so simple and touching-- an fleeting. 

Evening Ritual sessions are 3 hours and ideally between the hours of 5-8pm. We want that gorgeous, soft afternoon/early evening light to touch our photos. This may vary depending on the time of year. Each session is $450 and comes with a one-time $100 credit towards your print order.

Over 20 Years of Documentary Art


For the past 2 decades, I've traveled the world seeking stories. On assignments, grants, vacations and walk-abouts-- I've carried cameras to the farthest corners of the world. I've documented post-conflict communities in Nepal and quiet couples walking on a deserted beach. On film, digital and mobile, I've preserved the world as I see it and I bring this vision into your world.

Several times a year, I offer limited pop-up studio documentary sessions as I'm travelling through certain towns and cities. Please click this link to learn more about upcoming pop-up studio sessions and to get on a waiting list for one near you! 


Your Family Moments & Your Home


Our worlds are inundated by digital images, and honestly, I miss the days of film photography. Yes, I grew up in a darkroom printing black and white photos from film I processed by hand. While my sessions are shot digitally, I do believe that creating art from your family's slivers of humanity is truly the end result. I've partnered with an amazing lab that will convert your images into stunning wall art.

Large, gorgeous prints and canvases to make your space a reflection of the beauty you've brought into this world. I also have options for purchasing digital files from your shoot so you can print and create art as you see fit!

Each session includes a mobile app so you can carry those moments forever on your phone. Your session fee also includes a print credit on your first print order and the option to purchase your digital files as well. 



We're Building a Community of Documentary Lovers Here


We believe that the art of documentary work is something to be shared, taught and supported in a community environment. In working with me, you become a part of this community. You'll receive special perks for future pop-up studios and invitations to take your love of photography to another level, as a casual or dedicated art collector.  

Our studio has created several levels of patronage for our community. Once you join, you'll receive special access to our fine art collections, massive discounts on art prints and access to the artist.

Our goal is to educate our patrons and connect them deeply with the stories behind the creation of the art, as they happen. Your patronage is a deeper relationship to the art and the artist and something we cherish in furthering the powerful work that we do. 



Don't Wait!

We only have a few sessions available for the May/June 2017 PopUp Studio & we'd hate for you to miss it!

Please click the button below to reserve your spot!