Our Patrons

We value community and education above all else and have designed our Patron Collectors Communities to reflect this passion. We believe strongly in the whole story behind the art and we want to share this journey with people who are equally passionate about art, the story and living each day as a journey to be celebrated and explored.

Patrons of the arts is nothing new, in fact, it’s only in recent history that we’ve shied away from offering patron support to artists. We’ve structured our Patron Collectors Community (PCC) as a way to create a mutually beneficial partnership in the support of and celebration of photography.

We celebrate our patrons as much as they celebrate our art and our goal is to take them on an intimate journey with the artist as she discovers stories while wandering the globe.

  Badshahi Mosque, Lahore 2015, photographed on 120 mm Ilford Black & White film using a Mamiya 645.

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore 2015, photographed on 120 mm Ilford Black & White film using a Mamiya 645.

The Patron Collectors Community provides monetary support to create new documentary collections and to preserve the rare craft of silver-gelatin printmaking. The PCC support allows the artist to produce fresh collections each year and bring them to life so our collectors, and the public, can enjoy both the beauty and the story which drives the artwork.

We have many perks and priority accesses for our PCC and regardless of which patronage you decide to enter at, you’ll become a part of a community that is passionately involved in the world, the arts and society.

Here are the PCC entry points. Finding your place in our community is totally up to you, we’d love to have you join us in any capacity possible.


Our Emerging Collector (EmC) Patrons are newer to the art collecting world and looking to establish the foundation of their art collection as they grow into an established collector. Our desire is to both support the patron through education about photographic art collection and give them priority access to the artist and the archive of images.

We see our EmCs as a community with massive diversity and economic means and looking to appreciate their art purchases for their growing value and for the story behind the art and the creator. We communicate heavily with our EmCs from both the education and the storytelling perspective.

An Educational Experience

Throughout the year, our EmCs will have special access to private webinars with gallery owners, leading photographic collectors and top documentary storytellers and the artist. These are special interviews, Q&As and deep conversations about the arts, the story and the people we strive to serve through our work. We’ll also explore the pressing issues in our field of documentary and photographic arts as well as the social issues we risk so much to document.

Behind the Scenes Access to Story, Process & Production

Our EmCs will also have a special newsletter designed to share the stories behind the collections as they are released and to show thebehind the scenes process of creating the art. Everything from planning the shoots, prepping film and cameras, choosing the shoot locations, wandering in search of an image within a theme, documenting a sensitive topic, preserving the film in the field for protection of the image, navigating airports with gear and film, preparing to process the film, entering the darkroom and editing the shots-- both from contact sheets and digital archival software.

Our EmCs will have full access to the entire process of creating documentary art. We see our EmCs as voracious learners and curious souls who want to both learn and appreciate art and the story as they travel along with us.

Priority Access to Art Collections

Our EmCs also receive priority access, before the general public, to fine art collections and functional art collections as well as a sizeable discount on every purchase. Our EmCs also receive a discount on purchases from the Limited Edition Collection and referral incentives for bringing their friends into the patronage community.

Private Gallery Showings

We’ll also have periodic private gallery showings for our LECs with the EmC community. This showing will occur after the private EC showing and will give our EmCs direct access to the artist as well as discounts on the LECs and the fine art digital archives associated with the specific collection on display. 

Exclusive Membership

In order to insure the integrity of the community and access to the artist, we cap our EmC Patronage at 250 members each year. Our EmCs have direct access to the artist and the team through a special private social media network designed to foster education and communication surrounding the documentary arts, photography collecting and storytelling.

Massive Monetary Perks

As an EmC patron, you’ll also get a large incentive on every Fine Art purchase you make as long as your membership is active. Your EmC includes a $1K print credit on one Limited Edition purchase per year. You’ll also receive a 40% savings on all artwork from our Fine Art Collection (excluding Limited Editions) and a 20% savings on products from our Functional Art Line. This isn’t a one time purchase discount, it’s a perpetual savings as long as your membership is active. Your savings will more than cover the cost of membership after just a few purchases!

Your Patronage

EmC Patronage is $1000/year

Your investment includes:

  • $1k Print credit towards first Limited Edition Collection purchase per year
  • 40% off all purchases from Fine Art Collection throughout the year
  • 20% off all purchases from Functional Art Product Line
  • Priority access to Limited Edition Collections for auction purchases (after EC access)
  • Exclusive gallery openings
  • Access to the documentary educational portal & behind the story content
  • Annual meetups or gatherings to discuss all things documentary art

Our Established Collectors (EC) are just that, established. Our EC is already deeply immersed in the world of art collection and has established their preferences and propensities when it comes to the art they collect. They understand the value of the art they engage with and have large private collections that reflect their zest for life and the world we live within.

Exclusive Access

Our ECs will have exclusive access to the Limited Edition Collections (LECs) as they roll out each year. We shoot at least two LECs per year, and share the entire process with our Patrons through private social media networks, giving them direct communication with the artist during the process. Our LECs are shot completely on black and white film, both 35 mm and medium format and printed in San Francisco by the artist herself at a special darkroom studio.

Each image in the LEC has a limited print run determined by the artist, but usually capped at 25 prints per image. Each print is slightly different, like a fingerprint, as they are hand printed individually. The prints are signed by the artist and numbered as well. As these images are mostly shot on medium format film, they will be printed in large sizes starting at 12in x 12in and up.

Our ECs will have first access to purchase these prints, in an auction capacity for the limited edition run. Are LECs are anything but cheap, they are the pinnacle of photographic art, both in subject matter and print quality. Again, our ECs understand that purchasing limited edition prints is an investment and our hand-crafted prints start at $10K unframed.

Print Credits & Incentives

Our EC will also receive a sizeable print credit ($5K) on their first purchase of the year as an exclusive patron of the artist. This discount renews annually with their patronage fee, to be used only with the Limited Edition Collections.

We’ll also have periodic private gallery showings of the LECs as they go to market and our ECs will have a private gathering with the artist to discuss the prints, the stories and to have deep and powerful individual discussions surrounding the documentary photography world.

As an EC, you’ll also have a perpetual 40% off incentive for any images purchased from our Fine Art Collection and 20% off of our products in our Functional Art line. This is not a one-time purchase offer, but an active savings for each purchase as long as your membership is active.

Access to Private Commissions

Our ECs will have first access to the artist for private commissions. We offer two commission opportunities per year for documentary projects for hire, at the discretion of the artist.

Become a Partner

We see our patrons as both partners and lovers of the arts and the story. We’ve designed our patronage community to act in this way and we’ve capped our ECs at 25 members per year to give the community itself the space to grow and foster strong, direct relationships with the artist and our team.

You’ll also have access to the community portal from the EmC community if you’d like to dive deeper into the craft of documentary photography and get more behind the scenes access to the story, process and production.


Your Patronage

Established Collector’s Patronage is $5,000 per year.


  • $5K Print credit on Limited Edition Prints
  • 40% off all purchases from Fine Art Collection throughout the year
  • 20% off all purchases from Functional Art Product Line
  • Priority access to Limited Edition Collections for auction purchases
  • Priority access for Artist Commissions
  • Exclusive gallery openings
  • Access to the documentary educational portal for EmCs.