Art's not just for you walls-- it's for your everyday.


It's time we take the art off the walls and bring into our everyday life. Why can't we take a gorgeous image from a distant land and place it on our body or toss it on our couch? We can. And we should. We need to walk through this world with more beauty, it just makes life more delicious, right?



Our line of functional art includes state of the art printing on silk fabrics, sustainable wood, canvas fabrics and more. Our product lines will include velveteen pillows, wood wall art, archival posters and silk scarves-- all printed and hand-sewn in Canada! I've designed these collections to decorate an entire room or your entire person-- so you can share your flare and fabulousness with the world as you travel through!


Are Your Ready For A Different Relationship With Your Art?


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An Relationship Where Your Art Goes With You...Everywhere?


Bring the Vintage Auto Collection Into Your Closet Now!


Art that you don't just admire from a distance-- art designed to be lived in and enjoyed always.