Clearing Energy To Manifest Your Vision

We all know the basic essentials for any business to run efficiently-- drive, vision, bookkeeping, bank accounts, biz dev, late nights, coffee, etc-- but how often do we explore our own energy?

Not the energy generated by that coffee-- that’s an easy one that doesn’t need exploration. 

But the energy that’s flowing through our body. Our Chi, or prana or just the wonky shit that gets clogged up when too much adulting happens. 

Working with energy is not new to me-- working with a professional energy healer using a program to achieve my business goals is. 

I strongly believe in investing in the support system you need to mentally run a business, business coaches being a core investment. 

But investing in an energy healer to move past my own blocks is new to me. There’s always something else that, in my logical mind, was more necessary than working with a healer. 

Now, after 2 months of professional healing intensives, tarot readings and reiki sessions, I simply can’t believe I waited this long to leap into energy work. 

Why did I wait? Fear, doubt, uncertainty, misplaced priorities...the list is long, my friends. 

But here’s the deal. To do the real work-- the work that lights you up and sets your soul on fire-- you have to clear the energy blockages. Period. 

Once that energy begins to flow, look out. Things fall into place in ways you couldn’t anticipate. And the messages that surface during those healing sessions are a compass to the big vision you have for your life-- and your work. 

My first intensive energy session was so profound that I went home, booked a one-way ticket to the desert to work with the discoveries in a quiet and intense kind of way. 

My session uncovered that in order to achieve my big juicy vision, I needed to embrace the divine feminine. Whoa. That’s pretty profound for a woman like me-- a tomboy growing up whose entire career has been spent fighting her way through a male dominated world. 

Photojournalism, professional kayaking, bartending and producing-- all male driven professions dripping with masculine energy. All work that I've done over the years-- and excelled at. I made it my personal goal to never be out performed because of my gender. 

Even now, my small digital marketing business has a 95% male client base. And not just any male clients, but the head strong and opinionated chiropractic market. Couldn’t pick a more Yang niche market than that! 

For years I’ve been seeking something different. To work with women in an inspiring and powerful way. I’ve planned the transition into this work, invested in coaching certifications and made business plans to support it. 

But at the end of the day, I was still stuck to my masculine ways, wrestling clients to create complicated sales funnel strategies. Masculine energy is my normal-- it's how I've navigated the world for 40+ years. 

WTF? That’s not even close to the vision for my work. And this male energy definitely doesn’t allow me to touch on the art I long to create again. 

I even invested in becoming a licensed Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions facilitator. I’m a big Laporte fan and have been for almost a decade, so I figured this was a logical addition to my toolkit. My first impression when seeing the curriculum was, “oh, this is too woo-woo for me”. Seriously. 

So, when my angels surfaced in my energy session and made the declaration that, “I have to embrace the divine feminine to make my leap” it all clicked. Of course that’s the missing piece. How could it not be?

The Desire Map isn’t too woo-woo, it’s divinely feminine and it was so foreign to me, because I’d been dwelling in the masculine for so long, that it made me profoundly uncomfortable. 

But in the discomfort lies the truth. The juicy realizations that we ignore at our own peril. 

After that session, I booked my ticket to the desert and began downloading all the feminine things-- books, curriculum, teachings, videos and more. All of it. I’m going there. 

And you should too. 

Find a healer you resonate with. Invest in a handful of sessions to truly uncover the blockage that’s holding you back. It might be small or the blockage could be life-changing. 

The point is-- if your energy isn’t flowing, abundance, wealth, balance and purpose can’t flow to you. Your desired feelings will collide with the dark and twisty wall of your unaddressed energy and will never create the synergy necessary to manifest your big juicy vision. 

And we just can’t have that. The world needs you vision, now more than ever. 

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