I translate the human condition into powerful art that helps shift our preconceived notions of reality.

Are you ready to bring a different perspective of the world-- into YOUR world? 



Search for Soul

As a whole, we spend a fair amount of time searching for a divine connection with the deeper powers of the Universe. Search for Soul explores the human element of this enternal search.

Left Behind

There's also an emotional connection to objects that man has simply deserted-- left behind to rot and dissintegrate into the Earth. The story and the essence of that object can still live, if only in an image and a story we project onto it.


Beauty in chaos

A stunning and paradoxical beauty exists within chaos. That quiet vulnerability of the human essence that strives to survive among the violent and vicious actions of man in conflict or struggle. 

Over 20 Years of Documentary Art


For the past 2 decades, I've traveled the world seeking stories. On assignments, grants, vacations and walk-abouts-- I've carried cameras to the farthest corners of the world. I've documented post-conflict communities in Nepal and quiet couples walking on a deserted beach. On film, digital and mobile, I've preserved the world as I see it and I bring this vision into your world, if you'll join me. 


Our Fine Art Gallery is filled with prints from all over the globe. We also provide a wide range of mediums to fill your sacred space with art that fits your needs. From canvas wraps to archival, museum quality prints-- we've got you covered! Head over to the shop and poke around. You'll also see a room mockup so you can get a better understanding of how the art will fit in your space. 

Have a story the world needs to see? Let's do this! 


Sometimes you have a vision in your mind and you need an artist to make it a reality. Well, here I am. I have several commissions each year available to our patrons, social entrepreneurs, non-profits and B Corps who are using their power to good in this world. I will document the people your work impacts and the stories that power your work. Please contact the studio for details. 



To learn more about our documentary commissions, simply click this button, fill out your information and we'll contact you as soon as possible to begin the conversation. You can also email the studio directly at: hello@crystalstreetphotography.com


Hand Printed Images from the Darkroom


That's right, we're kickin' it old school here, all analog like. My roots are black and white fine art photography and I learned to truly shoot on film and in the darkroom. It's part of my DNA. I offer a limited edition collection each year from images gathered on film and hand printed by yours truly in the darkroom.

Our first collection will be available in the Spring of 2018 and we'll be documenting the entire process-- from shooting to printing-- on this site and Instagram. Our Patron Collectors have first access to these prints as well as sizable discounts as part of their patronage.



Images from the Beauty in Chaos- Pakistan Chapter, shot on 120 mm film.